Author. Destiny Strategist. Speaker.

With over a decade of creative design, brand development, marketing, editorial and business development experience, Anita "AC" Clinton is proof that nothing is impossible to accomplish in life. Despite setbacks, roadblocks and wrong turns along the way, she has pressed forward to fulfill God's promise for her life. Today, her passion rests in helping others discover, strategize, and execute God's plan for their lives. She is a transformational leader focused on building relationships and connecting others to their passion and purpose in life.

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Discovery is the first phase of the Destiny Starter™ Program. In this phase, we start with your agreement to God's plan for your life.  Then we explore five key elements to help you discover your God-given talents and/or spiritual gifts that the Creator brilliantly designed for ease of use inside your zone of destiny (or the place He created you to operate in). We each have at least one...


Execution is the third phase of the Destiny Starter™ Program. By the time we arrive to this phase, you would've discovered your zone of destiny, clearly understand your vision/direction and possess a strategic action plan. Here we will complete applicable training modules, activate your marketing plan and officially launch your venture.  


Strategy is the second phase of the Destiny Starter™ Program. In this phase, we will tune into your WHY or that which inspires you and answer the question, "what is the future you aspire to create?" In addition, we will develop a strategic plan of action to support your why and a complete brand identity (logo, color scheme, website, etc.) is developed. Lastly, we will identify training & development needs.


Accountability is a vital component of the Destiny Starter™ Program. As you move forward, we want to ensure that you have the support, accountability and resources you need. With that in mind, we have created ThinkPods or mastermind groups that are uniquely designed with your success in mind.


BE Great Ministries (BGM) is a global Christian movement inspiring, empowering and equipping Believers to confidently serve, flourish and thrive in their realm of genius, boldly walk in their GREATNESS, and fulfill God’s plan for their lives.Inside of every person is a business, ministry, cause or movement, and BGM is the “Place Where Business and Ministry Meet.” 

Whether you have already started or are currently preparing to go into Ministry or the Marketplace, we are all about our Father’s business in any and every environment we walk into.  We are called to impact the education, family, government, media, entertainment, and religion spheres of society which shape the culture of every nation.  Revelation 5:10 reads, “As kings and priests they will reign on the earth.”  Therefore, as Kings and/or Priests, we have the ability to transform and improve the quality of life for the masses, serving and meeting the needs of the community, region or nation as a representative of God.

Be Great Ministries


BGM is a global Christian movement inspiring, empowering and equipping people to discover, strategize and execute God's plan for their lives.  BGM provides tutorials, case studies, tools, tips, tricks and other resources - essentially, we show you "HOW TO" make this a reality...

Be Great Conferences


The BGM Conferences are the hand-ons approach to advancing the BGM movement. They are uniquely designed to help participants lay the foundation for discovering, strategizing and executing God’s plan for their lives.  In the 2-day setting, you leave with an actionable plan.

Be Great Podcast


The BGM Podcast features relevant tools, tricks, resources and other information for businesses, ministries and non-profits, while embracing Christian principles.  Download the podcast on iTunes, Stitcher and Soundcloud platforms or listen on our website and view show notes.


“Anita Clinton is truly an asset to all she comes in contact with.She possesses a wealth of information about business development and she is always willing to share her knowledge. Anita is responsible for the branding and success of the ADPR Designation Program. From concept to implementation Anita’s input was invaluable to designations success and implementation. Without Anita the business plan, design, and branding of the program would not have occurred”.

~Marki Lemons-Ryhal, Marki Lemons Unlimited, Inc.

“Anita Clinton, when I think of that name my mind instantly thinks WOW, what a woman. She is a woman of great insight, creativity and inspiration. She created several advertisements for my business that really captured the essence of my message and brand. Additionally, we co-hosted a radioshow called wakeUPgirl!  Each week, Anita brought a high level of integrity, communication and professionalism. I highly recommend Anita to anyone looking to take their brand to the next level artistically AND strategically!”

~DorothyInezDeltufo, Minister of Beauty

"Ms. Anita Clinton's work ethic is impressive, to say the least. Her professionalism and high moral excellence is what stands out in her work. Her ability to take an idea and give it life and substance is uncanny. She has a relentless pursuit of perfection in her projects and takes them as her very own. And, although she is very professional, she is also very warm and relatable, she strives to make you comfortable and feel important. I would recommend her and all that she brings to the table, from start to finish in any project."

~Pastor Michael Thompson

...I had NO idea of Anita's multiple talents. Those became prevalent a couple of years later, when she completed a large graphic design project, including a website for me. I've often heard that people have one talent but multiple gifts and should nurture the one; however, Anita is different. She was blessed to be gifted and talented in MANY areas. Have you ever had that special gift that required a particular presentation? That beautiful bow and dainty gift wrapping for that special gift, is Anita Clinton. She brings everything together...impeccably!

~Author & First Lady Kim Lock