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pic4.pngOf the many challenges impacting our world today, Anita “AC” Clinton is convinced that Believers have the answers.   They are the problem-solvers, created for this moment in time and the world is waiting on the manifestation of their GREATNESS.  Not only are they well-equipped to solve the world’s problems – but true happiness and fulfillment in life is found when the connection is made with God’s original plan for their lives.  To put it clearly, they will LOVE what they do!

How AWESOME is that?

“We were all created to achieve something great in our lifetime.  Although purpose presents itself in many forms or facets – inside of every Believer is a business, ministry, movement or cause. Unfortunately only a small percentage of the world’s 2 billion Believers actually discover and actualize their purpose, and I’m here to change that.  This is the time, this is the season – let’s go!”

Anita is the President of Anita Clinton Enterprises, LLC, (ACE) a strategy consulting firm on a mission to assist Believers in discovering strategizing and executing God’s plan for their lives.  She is also the Founder and Overseer of Be Great Ministries (BGM), a global Christian movement inspiring, empowering and equipping others to confidently serve, flourish and thrive in their realm of genius, boldly walk in their GREATNESS and fulfill God’s plan for their lives.

My Passion

My heart and passion is helping Believers connect to God’s purpose for their lives. As referenced by international trainer and consultant, Lance Wallnau, “according to 30 years of studied data – roughly 20% of Believers in leadership believes they entered into convergence or the work that God called them to do.” Of the ~2 billion Believers in the world, my big audacious goal is that 50% or 1 billion Believers discover, strategize and execute God’s plan for their lives. I believe life should be enjoyed and not just lived – living life to the fullest occurs when we are operating in purpose. It is possible for you to:

  • Do What You Love
  • Love What You Do
  • Live Life on Purpose

Trust me, the Father created it before you were born – all you need to do is say Yes, and let’s go…

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“Right from the start, Anita Clinton is WORLD CLASS! I find it challenging to write a simple testimonial for someone who brings such impeccability, attention to detail and integrity to her work. Having worked with her for three years, I can say that her standards never deviated and I can’t think of a single time she “dropped the ball” on anything she promised to do. I can most assuredly say that professionally she is a bar none one of the highest performing individuals I know. Period! In the end, you can be sure that whatever project, assignment or venture she approaches, she uses three principals that drive her work: 1) Excellence 2) Excellence and 3) EXCELLENCE!”

~Michelle Majors, wakeUPgirl Academy

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