The Ultimate Guide to Discovering, Strategizing and Executing God’s Plan For Your Life!

DS_book1bSo you’re living a “pretty good” life. You’ve got a great job, you’ve accomplished many of your goals, have obtained financial success and perhaps you’ve received various professional accolades along the way, but what now?

Something is missing isn’t it? Maybe you don’t feel like you are completely walking in your true GREATNESS, living up to your full potential or doing what you were created and called to do. You recognize there’s a bigger purpose, but you can’t seem to put your finger on it. It’s like a dream that has yet to be actualized.

Have you been asking yourself “what’s next” in your life journey? Are you still trying to figure out what your BIG purpose is in the world, you know the divine assignment?

Perhaps you sense there is something more beyond your job or day-to-day activities. It whispers to your spirit and beckons you to take action, however you are not sure what to do.

You are not here by accident, what you are feeling is real. You were created on purpose to achieve something great, something impactful in your lifetime. There is a vision for your life already within your DNA, waiting to be discovered and unleashed.

Inside of you is a business, a cause, a mission or maybe a foundation or non-profit. It’s bigger than you can imagine, but you are naturally drawn to it. If you are feeling like NOW is the time to answer the call and activate your God-assigned destiny then it’s time to say YES. It’s time for you to feel whole and complete, to activate your vision and live a fulfilling life. It’s time to do what you love once and for all.

Destiny Starter provides you with a unique, yet practical 4-part step-by-step, success strategy to identify, clarify and take your vision from concept to reality.

Everything you’ve done and experienced up until this moment has prepared you for your next level in life; the ascension into your God-given destiny. God created your vision and He has orchestrated the provision, leaving you to simply create a plan and take action. You can live a fulfilling life, with unlimited possibilities.

Get ready to renew your mind, speak life into your vision and take action to walk in your GREATNESS. Destiny Starter is a biblically rich, inspiring and practical guide created to extract your purpose, clarify your vision, create your plan of action, and launch your life’s vision into motion.

Stay tuned, Destiny Starter will be released in mid-2016.

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